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The Patient Whisperers' Podcast

Marc Sacco & Roger Woods

The Patient Whisperers was founded by a group of experienced Licensed Healthcare Providers who believe that Complementary Medicine should be an integral part of providing comprehensive care to all. Your Hosts Marc Sacco, RN, BCH, CRNH and Roger Woods, RN, BCH, CI, CRNH, use Hypnosis, NLP, and Verbal Medicine in our nursing practice every day. Our Mission is to enlighten both the medical world and their clients about the phenomenal advantages of integrating complementary medicine into the current practice of “modern” medicine. We plan to accomplish this by teaching every Nurse the power of Verbal Medicine, The Language of Healing. Come join us for our lively discussions weekly and learn how you can become Better at the Bedside!
*Special Episode Part Two* Supporting our fellow brothers and sisters on the frontlines battling COVID 19 during this pandemic. May 11, 2020 Episode artwork *Special episode to support our brothers and sisters joining us on the front lines fighting the COVID 19 pandemic.April 03, 2020 Episode artwork Discussion about the effects of negative language on patient recovery and the health nocebos used by every healthcare professional and what we can do to stop doing it. January 31, 2020 Episode artwork Interview the Co-creator of Verbal SWAT, Paramedic Rob Monetta about the remarkable success and results he is having in pre-hospital emergency medicine. December 15, 2019 Episode artwork Discussion about Guilt and Forgiveness and how it Impacts bedside care as well as being the catalyst for real change. Todays gift will be a forgiveness induction.November 25, 2019 Episode artwork Interview with Patricia Sacco, co-creator of VerbalDontics to discuss how it makes dentistry better for the patients and the staff as well as dealing with Dental Anxiety and how to overcome it.November 17, 2019 Episode artwork Discussing Sleep and how we can enhance that with hypnosis for patients and staff alike. The gift this episode will be a sleep enhancement induction for the healthcare professional. November 10, 2019 Episode artwork Discussing the use of Chunking up and chunking down, a communication skill to solve problems and get agreement towards great outcomes. The gift, this episode, will be a chunk up/ chunk down induction. November 01, 2019 Episode artwork Discussing the use of humor both as a pattern interrupt and as a pain reliever as well as who they think is the worlds most prolific hypnotist. The gift, this episode, is a mystery induction based on today’s theme.October 25, 2019 Episode artwork A discussion about the basics of hypnosis, why it works, and how it works in healthcare. The gift this week is an induction called the de-escalator of relaxation.October 18, 2019 Episode artwork Binaural Stimulation, Palm Springs conference, and the gift of a binaural stimulation induction.October 13, 2019 Episode artwork Discussing the ease and benefits of using Verbal Medicine in the chaotic environment of today’s healthcare and a gift of a bedside relaxation session.October 04, 2019 Episode artwork Discussing Utilization, using the tools already in the room to be better at the bedside and the Stethoscope Relaxation Induction.September 27, 2019 Episode artwork The Foundations and theory of Verbal Medicine and how it integrates into the nursing process.September 20, 2019 Episode artwork Introduction to the Patient Whisperers and Verbal Medicine.September 14, 2019 Episode artwork